It’s hard to think of a structure that takes more abuse than a student dorm. Student housing must be built to withstand the constant moving in and out, parties and general mistreatment that is a part of campus life. More importantly, dorms must create a safe, secure environment for the students who reside in them.

Schools, colleges, and universities throughout the Northeast are turning to precast concrete dorms for their student housing projects. Chambersburg, PA-based Nitterhouse Concrete Products can provide solidly constructed precast concrete walls, floor panels, columns, stairs and other essential precast components that will enhance the quality and safety of your campus housing structures.

Benefits of Precast Dorms

When it comes to student housing, precast concrete offers numerous advantages over traditional building materials:

  • Durability: Precast concrete’s toughness can handle the challenges of the student lifestyle. It also offers excellent resistance to sunlight, moisture, rot and rust, resulting in lower maintenance costs.
  • Safety: Student safety is a top priority on every campus. Precast concrete walls, floors and stairs provide good fire protection and strong resistance to all types of natural and man-made hazards, giving administrators and parents greater peace of mind.
  • Privacy: Dorm precast concrete walls feature excellent sound insulating qualities, which contributes to a quieter studying environment for students.
  • Speed: Many educational institutions are growing at a phenomenal rate and must build housing quickly to keep up with the heavy influx of students. The use of precast concrete components facilitates a faster construction process, while also minimizing material and labor costs.
  • Energy efficiency: The extreme climate in the northeastern U.S. creates a heavy demand on campus HVAC systems. The strong thermal properties of precast concrete increases energy efficiency, which lowers heating and cooling costs.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Precast concrete does not promote mold growth or contain hazardous chemicals that pose a health risk, which contributes to better dorm air quality.
  • Design flexibility: Precast concrete’s inherent flexibility gives student housing facility designers greater flexibility when developing dorms that meet the institution’s functional, aesthetic, safety and efficiency requirements.

Precast Concrete Dorms Materials

As a leading producer of precast concrete components for a wide range of industries, Nitterhouse Concrete Products can produce high-quality student housing precast concrete for your college dorm building project. We’ve supplied custom precast concrete components for dorm construction projects at Binghamton University and other fine institutions throughout the Northeast.

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When it’s time for your next student housing construction project, contact the experts at Nitterhouse Concrete Products to learn more about the benefits of precast concrete. We’ll also be happy to provide a free precast concrete dorm project estimate.