Are you a hotel builder or architect thinking of incorporating precast concrete into the design of your projects? Nitterhouse Concrete Products manufactures a broad selection of precast products that offer an excellent alternative to traditional building materials. Precast concrete wall and floor panels, stairs, beams, and columns will meet your project’s structural requirements, while also enhancing guest comfort, privacy and safety.

NCP can customize precast concrete components to your specifications, giving you maximum flexibility when designing your new hotel.

What Are the Benefits to Precast Hotels?

The many advantages of using precast concrete for hotels include:

  • Aesthetic versatility: The exterior and interior appearance is a critical factor when guests select a hotel — and determine whether they will stay there again. Precast concrete gives designers the flexibility to maximize the use of color and other aesthetic effects, and even integrate local historical elements and features into the design.
  • Speed of construction: The highly competitive nature of the hospitality industry demands a rapid project completion time. Precast concrete enables a faster construction time so hotel owners can generate revenue quicker, and with lower material and labor costs.
  • Sound insulation: Privacy is essential for hotel guests. The superior sound insulating qualities of precast concrete wall and floor panels for hotels creates a quiet room environment that will make the stay more enjoyable for your guests.
  • Comfort: Precast concrete components feature excellent thermal efficiency for greater hotel room comfort. Hotel owners and operators will also benefit from lower energy costs.
  • Lower lifecycle costs: Constant guest turnover makes hotel property upkeep a daunting challenge. The inherent resiliency of precast concrete minimizes preventive maintenance needs and enhances the structure’s durability, resulting in reduced ownership costs.
  • Safety: Precast concrete offers excellent protection against fire, storms, earthquakes, external explosions and man-made disasters. It will also help you comply with the stringent hotel fire and building codes.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Precast concrete products are free of volatile organic compounds and do not promote mold growth, resulting in improved hotel air quality.

Nitterhouse Concrete Products for Your Hotel Construction Project

Nitterhouse Concrete Products produces top-quality structural precast floor panels for hotels, as well as other essential building components such as wall panels, stairs, and columns. Our combination of superior materials, excellent craftsmanship, and strict quality control procedures ensures a finished precast concrete product that will exceed your expectations. Our list of successful construction projects includes hotels and hotel parking structures located throughout Central PA and beyond.

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