Warping Double Tees for Drainage

Important to the performance of parking garages is the need for drainage of surface water from rain and snow on…

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The Consideration of Weep Holes in NiCore™ Plank

Concrete is a porous material that absorbs water and as a result, a floor or roof comprised of hollow-core planks…

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Collateral Dead Loads for Hotels, Apartments, and Dormitories

When designing NiCore™ Planks by Nitterhouse Concrete Products, Inc. (NCP) for a multitude of structures such as hotels, apartments, and…

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Column Encroachment in Parking Spaces

A commonly encountered occurrence in parking structures is column encroachment in parking spaces. While this is perceived as problematic, or…

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Nicore™ & Double Tee Fire Resistance

Double Tee Flange – Fire Resistance High-performance, precast, prestressed double tees have been the go-to structural floor framing in parking…

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Extended Double Tee Stem Daps

It is no surprise that the double tee is the workhorse of precast, prestressed concrete parking structures, and one of…

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NiCore™ Plank – Camber & Topping Thickness

It is common for precast, prestressed hollow-core slabs to exhibit camber (i.e.: upward deflection), and NiCore™ Planks from Nitterhouse Concrete…

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precast for various structures

11 Ways Precast Concrete Structures Save Money

Precast concrete benefits the bottom line of any project that involves construction with concrete. You can use it for roofs,…

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ultimate goal

Precast Schools – a Trend on the Rise

Precast concrete construction for school buildings is a definite trend on the rise. The move toward precast concrete components for…

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sustainability bottom line

Precast Concrete Sustainability

Sustainability is a watchword in today’s architectural designs and advanced construction materials. It’s often intermingled with terms like green building,…

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