The Consideration of Weep Holes in NiCore™ Plank

Concrete is a porous material that absorbs water and as a result, a floor or roof comprised of hollow-core planks…

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Collateral Dead Loads for Hotels, Apartments, and Dormitories

When designing NiCore™ Planks by Nitterhouse Concrete Products, Inc. (NCP) for a multitude of structures such as hotels, apartments, and…

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Column Encroachment in Parking Spaces

A commonly encountered occurrence in parking structures is column encroachment in parking spaces. While this is perceived as problematic, or…

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Nicore™ & Double Tee Fire Resistance

Double Tee Flange – Fire Resistance High-performance, precast, prestressed double tees have been the go-to structural floor framing in parking…

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sustainability bottom line

Precast Concrete Sustainability

Sustainability is a watchword in today’s architectural designs and advanced construction materials. It’s often intermingled with terms like green building,…

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precast allows for construction in winter

Precast Concrete in Winter Conditions

  Cold Weather Precast Concrete Construction Winter conditions present a huge challenge for the construction industry. Pouring concrete is difficult…

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Building with trees behind it.

Sustainable Building Materials

Many builders, homeowners and business owners are interested in LEED sustainability and green building materials to meet regulatory requirements or…

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