When it comes to finding the best selection of top-quality structural precast concrete products, it pays to have a go-to source for all of your needs. Nitterhouse is a family-owned and operated manufacturing business dedicated to developing the broadest range of superior precast concrete structures.

Over the last 90 years, we’ve grown to become one of the most reputable precast/prestressed concrete producers in the U.S. Our success rests on the ability to deliver the quality and selection engineers, builders, and construction companies require to complete projects on-time and to exact specifications.

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Our Precast Concrete Products

When it comes to finding the best selection of top-quality structural precast concrete products, it pays to have a go-to source for all of your needs.

Our complete selection of precast concrete products ranges from NiCore hollow core plank, insulated prestressed modular panels and parking structure components to custom-engineered precast buildings and architectural panels used by industrial, commercial and residential customers.

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High-Quality Structural Precast Concrete

When investing in precast concrete structures, you need a product that meets your expectations in terms of structural integrity, durability and ease of use. Nitterhouse has been perfecting the craft of manufacturing the strongest, most functional and aesthetically pleasing concrete products for more than 90 years. Whether you’re ordering stadium risers for the local high school or architectural panels for a large commercial development project, you can rest assured the structural precast concrete we provide is of the highest standards.


At  Nitterhouse we pride ourselves on our manufactured precast concrete products that will exceed your expectations. With our combination of superior materials, advanced technology, expert craftsmanship and stringent quality control, we are regarded as one of the top precast concrete suppliers in the country.

To reach as many customers as possible, we have our manufacturing facilities headquartered in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. From this centralized geographical location, we have easy access to major highways, which enables us to quickly deliver our products to customers in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond, including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York and Maryland.


To really make your building stand out, you need custom design services for your manufactured concrete products.  Nitterhouse offers design solutions that can be integrated into nearly any structure. We design all of our panels, floors, beams, columns, stairs and other products to your exact specifications, and we have color and finish options that can be mixed and matched for an endless array of design choices.

We also offer design assistance so that you can benefit from our team’s precast concrete expertise. As you review your choices, we will suggest the most economical options and ensure that each of your selections will contribute to a cohesive and complementary design.

With our custom options and assistance during this vital phase, you will achieve the unique results that you are hoping for and set your project up for success.


Many precast concrete products manufacturers only provide certain specific precast concrete products and services. As a result, you have to deal with more people and variables to get the job done, which can be particularly challenging during both the design and construction phase.

As a single-source manufacturer,  Nitterhouse provides all the precast concrete products necessary to complete your project to ensure that you have what you need when you need it. To accomplish this goal, we coordinate all on-site deliveries and installations and oversee the process to help the construction phase go smoothly.

With our expertise, we can guide construction crews, architect’s and designers on how to properly ready the site access and handle the precast concrete products to ensure that installation is as quick and precise as possible. And because we have experience with all types and sizes of precast concrete construction projects, we can better anticipate and prepare for any challenges that may arise. We also make vital suggestions on how to improve processes for greater efficiency.

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Precast concrete products are incredibly versatile and can be used for all kinds of new builds and renovation projects. Buildings and components thereof   that we typically produce include these building types:

  • Parking structures: We manufacture parking decks and garages of all sizes, whether you need an intricate mid-rise garage or a single-level deck.
  • Office buildings: Precast concrete offers natural sound-deadening, thermal-efficient and tech-friendly characteristics that will make your office quieter, more comfortable and more productive.
  • Hotels: Precast concrete has many impenetrable characteristics that create a private, relaxing and safe environment that hotel guests are looking for.
  • Apartments: Whether you’re designing a multi-story city apartment building or a suburban condo complex, precast concrete structures can be customized to meet your unique needs.
  • Dorms: Precast concrete is resilient to the everyday wear and tear that comes with dorm life, and it creates a secure environment that gives parents and administrators peace of mind.
  • Schools: With the diverse building structures required for different school activities, precast concrete offers the versatility to create everything from large gymnasiums to smaller classroom spaces.
  • Retail stores: Revamp your retail store with precast concrete floors, walls, beams and columns for increased durability and design appeal.
  • Warehouses: If you need a new space for inventory storage or you’re looking to expand your current warehouse, precast concrete offers the durability you need to store your products securely.


If you’re looking for precast concrete products near you,  Nitterhouse has everything you need. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our products, and you can count on them to provide a wide range of benefits for your application, including:

  • Strength: When you need a material that can withstand heavy loads and resist dents, scrapes and other common wear and tear, precast concrete is the perfect choice. Buildings used by many people or that contain an inventory of supplies will benefit from the strength and resiliency that precast concrete provides.
  • Safety: Precast concrete protects against storms, fire, flooding, mold growth, pests and other variables in nature that can wreak havoc on some building materials. It is also a very dense material that is difficult to penetrate, which reduces the risk of break-ins.
  • Efficient construction: Does your project need to be completed on a tight deadline? Precast concrete allows for faster construction times. We produce it off-site in our facilities so that on-site prep work can begin simultaneously. This process also means the concrete is poured in a more controlled environment for increased quality control. And because the  production is completed indoors, precast concrete products can be constructed year-round.
  • Lower energy costs: Precast concrete provides excellent thermal mass efficiency. Your building will naturally stay cool during hot weather and warm up during cold weather, which helps to lower your energy costs.
  • Versatility: Whatever type of building you may need, its exterior and interior appearance is crucial to attracting people to your location. With precast concrete, you have maximum flexibility in shape, size, color and finish options. We can integrate nearly any specific feature you’d like, whether it’s a local motif or a historical element.
  • Sound attenuation: Any building frequented by many people, whether it’s a residence or public space, could benefit from noise control for increased privacy. Precast concrete offers exceptional sound-insulating properties for a quieter and more comfortable atmosphere.
  • Low maintenance: Building upkeep can be a challenge, but with precast concrete’s durable properties, the need for frequent preventive maintenance is minimized. Precast concrete is also naturally resistant to rust, rot and corrosion, so you’ll see lower maintenance costs over time.

We set ourselves apart in the structural precast concrete industry by:

  • Employing a team of experienced craftsmen dedicated to developing the best precast concrete products in the world.
  • Using the latest manufacturing technology and cutting-edge techniques to develop stronger, more flexible and functional products.
  • Maintaining a state-of-the-art 127,500-square-foot corporate facility including multiple manufacturing areas, two independent batch plants, spacious product staging areas and logistics areas.
  • Ensuring orders are placed accurately to meet your project specifications and providing fast shipping, delivery and product installation.

Customizable Precast Concrete Structures

Engineers of today need materials that meet the specifications of each new project. We give you the flexibility to bring your creative vision to life with a broad range of products that can be easily customized to your unique requirements. View additional details and technical information including drawings, load tables and range of specifications for our full range of products.

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