Nitterhouse Concrete Products (NCP) is a family-owned and -operated precast concrete company serving the Maryland area. We have precast products for any type of building need, designed and manufactured according to standards from the Precast Concrete Institute (PCI).

Precast Concrete Products in Maryland

Nitterhouse has several types of precast concrete products for facility construction. Our precast concrete is eco-friendly, heavy-duty, durable and fire-resistant. You can choose the type of abrasive blast, exposed aggregate, brick and color of your concrete product. NCP will help you design your structure and support every step of construction.

Precast Concrete Panels

Our precast concrete panels are strong and durable, with an aesthetic design for various structures. These architectural panels are available in non-load-bearing and load-bearing designs. You can choose panel options such as color, brick, exposed aggregate and abrasive blast. NCP can help you select the right characteristics to achieve your desired appearance.

Precast Slabs

Nitterhouse precast structural slabs are available in a variety of lengths and sizes for floors, balconies and stair landings. Our precast slabs are pre-stressed and conventionally reinforced to support a fast workflow and custom project specifications.

Double Tees

Double tee beams are a customized system for a simple, long-lasting solution for building structures. Their economic build and low-maintenance design allow the double tee beams to resist wear and tear to last for years. With a span capability of up to 75 feet, these beams can be used for roof and floor systems in manufacturing facilities and garages.

NiCore™ Hollow Core Plank

NiCore™ hollow core planks are NCP’s precision-manufactured concrete product. These planks have a minimum strength of 5,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), making them ideal for flooring, ceilings and panels. NiCore™ planks are available in depths from 6 to 16 inches with a 50-foot span.

Precast Concrete Beams

Our precast concrete beams are ideal for various types of projects, from parking structures to industrial complexes. We manufacture these beams in rectangular, L-shape and inverted T configurations. Other options include pre-stressed and conventionally reinforced.

Precast Concrete Columns

The precast concrete columns by Nitterhouse are manufactured for open areas such as parking garages. You have many design options to choose from, like capacity, haunch configurations, sizing and connection.

Precast Concrete Stadium Risers

The precast concrete stadium risers are available in single, double and triple layouts to clear spans up to 30 feet. Stadium risers are used in theaters, stadiums, ballparks, arenas and gymnasiums.

Precast Concrete Stairs

Our precast concrete stairs quickly and easily create stairs in structures like parking areas, schools, municipal buildings and office buildings. They are durable and fire-resistant, with dimensions up to 5 feet wide.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

NCP’s custom precast wall panels are durable and resilient for load-bearing applications. They are available in many finishes, colors and textures for aesthetic appeal.

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Precast Concrete Structures in Maryland

NCP precast concrete products can be used in various types of structures, such as:

Our precast concrete will provide benefits such as thermal efficiency, flame resistance and sound attenuation.

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Nitterhouse Concrete Products is your single-source precast provider with what you need when you need it. Our precast concrete is resilient, versatile and efficient for any kind of structure.

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