Nitterhouse Concrete Products is a single-source prestressed concrete designer and manufacturer for the state of New York and beyond. No matter the scope of your building project, we can provide all of the precast concrete products necessary to build a structure according to your specifications.

Since 1923, we’ve been recognized as an outstanding solution for concrete products. We believe the best is yet to come, as we offer you the latest in advanced precast concrete solutions.

Precast Concrete Products in New York

Our precast concrete products can offer exceptional eco-friendliness, fire resistance and durability for your next construction project.

Precast Concrete Panels

Nitterhouse manufactures precast concrete panels that balance strength and durability with an attractive design. You can choose any color palette and custom-design your structure with a combination of brick, sandblast and exposed aggregate.

We’ll walk you through the architectural design process and help you select shades of concrete mixtures for your panels. Nitterhouse has options for load-bearing or non-load-bearing architectural panels so you can find the best fit for your project.

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Precast Slabs

Nitterhouse offers high-quality prestressed and conventionally reinforced structural slabs in a variety of sizes and lengths. The slabs can be used in floor, balcony and stair landing configurations designed to fit your project specifications.

Nitterhouse’s innovative approach to precast concrete slabs can save building designers time and money with a faster workflow and lower costs.

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Double Tees

Nitterhouse precast double tee beams offer building professionals a customized system with simple installation and long service life. These beams have a span capability of up to 75 feet. Their wide span is ideal for a floor or roof system on anything from garages to manufacturing facilities.

These beams have an economical, low-maintenance design that can resist wear and tear to maintain their appearance over time.

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NiCore™ Hollow Core Plank

NCP uses precision manufacturing to produce NiCore™ hollow-core concrete with a 5,000-psi minimum of concrete strength. NCP has customizable NiCore™ options for concrete flooring or ceiling planks and panels. We offer various depths from 6 to 16 inches to accommodate up to a 50-foot clear span.

The hollow concrete also offers natural sound attenuation for a quieter living and workspace and superior durability for long service life.

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Precast Concrete Beams

Nitterhouse has a selection of heavy-duty concrete beams ideal for any project from an industrial complex to an indoor parking structure. We offer floor beams in several shapes, including an inverted “T” configuration,  “L” configuration and rectangular configuration.

We also have the option to provide the beams as prestressed or conventionally reinforced with several length and size variations.

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Precast Concrete Columns

Nitterhouse builds custom prestressed or conventionally reinforced concrete columns to match your project with limitless design options. These columns are ideal for wide-open spaces like college campuses or parking garages.

We focus on what you need, with custom connection details, capacity, sizing and haunch configurations selected for each column.

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Precast Concrete Stadium Risers

Nitterhouse will customize precast concrete stadium risers for your theater, arena, ballpark or other venues, no matter the size or scope.

Single, double or triple precast stadium riser layouts can be used to create a comfortable sightline, and we’ll manufacture everything you need to support the layout. We can build to any specifications and accommodate clear spans of more than 30 feet.

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Precast Concrete Stairs

Nitterhouse precast concrete stairs are highly durable and fire-resistant for sturdy construction on your next project.

Our stairs come in three monolithic designs — Stringer Stairs, Open Zee Stairs and Half-Open Zee Stairs. They are up to 5 feet wide with risers that vary in size from 6 1/4 inches up to 7 inches and treads of  11 inches.

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Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Nitterhouse manufactures custom precast walls designed to impress, presenting an architectural finish on the exterior while also providing durability and resilience. Nitterhouse precast panels can also serve as load-bearing walls while also having a center wythe of rigid polyisocyanurate insulation.

We also offer outstanding textures, colors and finishes so you can find the perfect balance of quality, aesthetic appeal and reliability in your concrete wall.

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Precast Concrete Structures in New York

Nitterhouse can construct your next structure with the highest quality of precast concrete. We produce many types of structures, including office buildings, hotels, apartments, dorms, schools, warehouses and much more.

The unique benefits of precast concrete can provide sound attenuation, thermal efficiency and flame resistance for your facility.

Precast Concrete Supplies in New York

Nitterhouse will provide precast components of any structure to add the finishing touch to your building project. We typically produce architectural precast concrete panels, precast slabs, double tees, NiCore™ hollow core plank, precast concrete wall panels and more.

Need customization and design services? You can turn to Nitterhouse as your go-to precast concrete provider in New York.


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