Modern architecs, designers and engineers are continually searching for innovative products that make it easier to achieve their creative vision. Nitterhouse precast concrete construction for multi-housing development projects is a smart material choice for a host of reasons. Designers in the know use precast concrete hotel construction and precast concrete apartment building components for exceptional results with improved efficiency. It’s the perfect solution for projects including dormitories, hotels/motels, apartment complexes and condominiums, senior living and long-term medical care facilities and more.

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Inherent characteristics of precast concrete provide exceptional fire resistance for permanent residential multi-housing complexes and commercial properties such as hotels and school dormitories. We use NiCore™ hollow core planks for flooring, ceiling and roof components that improve sound attenuation and reduce vibrations for a quieter, more inhabitable environment. Nitterhouse practices sustainable manufacturing techniques that reduce carbon emissions and material waste for an overall “greener” project.

Additional benefits of precast concrete apartment buildings and hotels include:

  • Shorter construction duration – Our precast concrete apartment buildings go up faster with lower labor costs and material requirements. You gain the ability to complete more projects and increase overall revenue potential.
  • Reduced upkeep – We manufacture our precast panels, walls and exterior components with an attractive finish of your choice that’s easy to care for. Longer service intervals and lower maintenance expenses are attractive selling points to prospective clients.
  • Quality-controlled production – Our experienced team has the expertise to ensure stringent quality standards from initial specs to project completion. We oversee all aspects of product and installation so you can proceed with peace of mind.
  • Year-round manufacturing and service – Precast concrete hotel construction is possible all year long no matter your location or environmental conditions. Our indoor facility always has the capability to meet your material demands.
  • Customizable precast concrete components – We have the capabilities to manufacture precast concrete apartment buildings and other structures to your exact specifications.

Learn more about our product specifications and view load tables by visiting our technical information page.


Many colleges and universities choose precast concrete over standard cavity wall or stick-built construction processes for their campus housing projects. Safety and durability are critical when designing and constructing student housing. Sturdy precast concrete walls can withstand severe weather, fire and the heavy use imposed by college students.

Precast concrete’s superior sound insulating qualities also help to create a quieter environment for studying. School administrators will appreciate the low maintenance as maintenance workers will spend less time on paint and the thermal efficiency of precast concrete, will contributes also to reduced lifecycle costs.

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Precast concrete hotel construction typically includes: wall and floor panels, beams, and columns give hotel architects maximum flexibility to create solidly built, aesthetically appealing structures. They provide excellent protection against the heavy use that comes with frequent guest turnover, while also enhancing the structure’s energy efficiency and sound insulation capabilities.

Fire-resistant precast concrete stairs in hotel stairwells ensure a safe exit for guests in the event of a fire or other emergency. Many hotel owners prefer precast concrete for their buildings and parking garages because it enables a faster project completion time than other hotel construction methods. This allows them to begin to generate revenue as quickly as possible.


Nitterhouse is a family-owned and operated manufacturing business providing superior quality precast concrete building solutions for multi-housing construction projects. Learn about the advantages of precast apartment buildings and precast concrete hotel construction by giving us a call or submitting an online request for additional information.

  • Versatility in the size, shape and finishes that are available
  • Efficient in is design, manufacturing and erecting
  • Resilient to stand the test of  time through weather, fire and other events

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