When you work in commercial construction, it pays to have a reliable source of building materials capable of helping you get the job done right. Nitterhouse is a leading manufacturer of precast concrete office buildings that deliver superior quality, value and results. We specialize in working with structural engineers to provide the products, service and support necessary for completing beautiful office building projects with greater speed and efficiency. No matter the size, scope or unique environmental challenges, you’ll find the precast concrete office building solution custom configured to your exact specifications.

We are a single sources of precast component – What you need when you need it.

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When you work with Nitterhouse Concrete Products, you can expect the highest level of quality products and customer services. Our experienced team of master craftsmen uses cutting-edge tools and technology to produce superior precast concrete office building components builders can depend on. We combine natural aggregates, sand and cement for a precast concrete process that allows for increased design creativity. With near limitless variations in color, texture and finish, designers can create structurally sound buildings with an attractive look that’s totally unique.

Additional benefits of Nitterhouse precast concrete office building systems include:

  • Environmental Sustainability: We use cement and aggregates to produce precast concrete that contributes to LEED certifications criteria outlined by the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Product Uniformity: Components of our precast concrete office buildings such as architectural panels, precast columns, beams, ceilings and floors combine to create a completed precast building structure featuring spacious interiors and long-lasting construction.
  • ecoSmart Materials: Embrace sustainable building practices with precast concrete building components manufactured to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Year-round Construction: Precast concrete office buildings provide the ability for work crews to erect quality projects in virtually any environmental condition including rain, wind, heat, cold and humidity. We have the continuous manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs all year long.


Your office building is meant to be a comfortable, safe and aesthetically pleasing space for employees and visitors. Precast concrete affords builders the opportunity to achieve each of those goals so you will have all the foundations of an impressive office building.

When you choose precast concrete for your office building, you can count on:

  • Sound attenuation: Precast concrete is very dense, which means it is better at absorbing noise than other materials. This sound- attenuation quality is ideal for creating a quiet atmosphere that is conducive to workplace productivity.
  • Fire- and weather-resistance: Precast concrete is naturally fire-resistant, which will help to prevent a fire from spreading throughout the building. It is also resistant to water and wind damage so it is reliable during storms. Its water-resistance helps to prevent mold growth as well.
  • Thermal efficiency: It can be difficult to regulate the temperature of an office building due to its size. A precast building structure can help you achieve the ideal office temperature while reducing your heating and cooling costs because concrete provides high levels of thermal mass.
  • Low maintenance: Precast concrete is very durable and long-lasting with minimal maintenance required.

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At NCP, we can help you design your precast building structure with our design-assist services. Our experienced design specialists will guide you through the process, helping you economize your precast concrete while still achieving your desired aesthetic.

Precast concrete is extremely versatile with endless design options. We’ll help you choose from a range of colors, textures and finishes to create a cohesive, stylish look. Multiple finishes and textures can be used in the same building for wall panels and other structural components so that they are complementary.

We’ll also advise you on how your precast concrete building can be designed to maximize your unique space and meet any specific requirements for the building that you may have.


Precast concrete office building components are very efficiently produced in our facility. Unlike on-site concrete manufacturing, precast concrete manufacturing takes place off-site. The concrete is poured into pre-fabricated and re-usable molds to create concrete panels, floors, stairs, support beams and other products. These structural pieces are then transported and installed on-site.

The off-site manufacturing makes for a more streamlined construction process, as parts of your precast concrete framed buildings can be constructed as the design is still in development and while the site prep is taking place. This process saves a significant amount of time in the construction schedule.

Precasting also helps to reduce site disruptions and decrease safety concerns with a more controlled manufacturing environment and fewer people necessary to complete the process, resulting in greater efficiency and cost savings.

NCP makes the manufacturing process even easier as your single-source precast provider. We will supply all the products needed for precast commercial buildings, which many other companies do not.


Nitterhouse is a family-owned and operated concrete manufacturer with a broad range of production and service capabilities. We’ve been setting the bar in quality concrete products for more than 90 years and continue to push the limits of innovation. Give us a call or contact us online to get your project moving in the right direction with superior Nitterhouse precast concrete office buildings today.

  • Versatility in the size, shape, and finishes that are available
  • Efficient in is design, manufacturing and erecting
  • Resilient to stand the test, of time through weather, fire and other events

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