Precast Concrete Stadium Risers

When you’re searching for a reputable source of quality precast concrete structures, Nitterhouse is an industry leader recognized for outstanding products and client satisfaction. We call on engineering excellence and the latest technology to manufacture precast concrete stadium seating solutions capable of saving you time and money while delivering superior project results. No matter the size, scope or unique project requirements, we’ll custom design a precast concrete stadium system to efficiently meet your needs.

Nitterhouse precast concrete stadium risers offer a host of benefits and advantages that make it the perfect choice for quality, durable seating. Arenas, theaters, gymnasiums, natatoriums, ballparks and other entertainment venues all benefit from precast concrete risers that provide exceptionally long service life and fire resistant construction. Our line of precast stadium risers is custom built to your exact specifications and can be designed for clear spans of 30 plus feet. This capability helps in creating open, efficient usable space below the seating level.

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The professionals at Nitterhouse build precast concrete stadium risers (precast stadia) to fit custom needs. We’ve been working in the precast industry since 1923 and work from our 127,500-square-foot facility to bring your construction visions to life. All of our precast projects start with an initial consultation so we can learn more about your expectations for concrete riser size, and configuration.

Our precast concrete company guides you through each step of the production process. Choose from single, double or triple precast stadium riser layouts to satisfy sight lines and work with the underlying support system, and we’ll manufacture products to  support your desired number of occupants.


The Nitterhouse team designs precast stadium risers in virtually any size configuration. We work with architects, engineer’s and even other trades such as structural steel fabricators to mesh the precast risers with the structural steel supports. Providing design assistance is just one way we go above and beyond for our clients.

Precast stadium seating is the ideal choice in arena seating since precast is so solid and transmits very little noise and vibration and is fire resistant. The long spans with raised seating allows for open spaces beneath and easy cleaning above on the walking surface. Precast is very durable in all types of weather including winds, rain, and snow. And since precast risers are plant cast, the weather is not a factor during production or erecting either as precast can be erected in most weather conditions.


  • ecoSmart material – Nitterhouse precast concrete risers are manufactured with ecoSmart materials that effectively reduce greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. ecoSmart means you get a concrete product that’s easier on the environment without sacrificing quality and dependability.
  • Inherent fire rating – Precast concrete stadium systems are the safer choice for public places such as arenas, theaters and ballparks by providing greater resistance to fire damage.
  • Superior sound and vibration control characteristics – They create a more conducive environment for live performances and sporting events with precast stadium seating that helps control sound levels and vibration.
  • Low maintenance – Less required upkeep is a desirable feature for heavy-use stadiums and entertainment venues.
  • Quality-controlled production – With 90-plus years of industry experience, Nitterhouse is a reputable dealer that adheres to strict quality standards and practices.
  • Long-term durability – Concrete precast stadium systems will maintain appearance and structural integrity longer than most other conventional seating materials.
  • Year-round manufacturing and erection – We have the production and service capabilities to support your needs no matter the time of year or project location.
  • On time delivery with  what you need when you need it.

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Nitterhouse specializes in the creation of high-volume stadium seating. From all-new facilities to remodeling efforts, our precast stadium risers allow for quick project turnarounds in an indoor or outdoor setting. Cater to sporting events, music concerts and other live performances with  precast risers being ideal for the following:


Safely  support thousands of football fans with the help of Nitterhouse Concrete Products. All-weather construction capabilities allow builders to assemble sections during the off-season. Our precast risers stand strong against rainfall, snow, moisture and drink spills.


Configure stadium seating while reducing the transfer of vibrational noise. Athletes can concentrate on the game, and crowd volumes stay at a reasonable level. Control echoing and slap back in large gymnasiums.


Precast concrete stadium risers are suitable for automotive and horse racing events. Nitterhouse fire-resistant concrete products keep crowds safe in case of an emergency.


Precast surfaces are easy to clean and call for minimal upkeep between performances. Theater employees benefit from our precast solutions that stay in place, resist mold and establish a quiet environment.


Precast risers from Nitterhouse reduce labor costs and obstacles across construction sites. The days of settling for cast-in-place methods are in the past with our custom solutions that offer acoustical attenuation, long-term results and a professional appearance. We manufacture all of our precast risers for outstanding performance using mixtures tailored to your applications.

There’s a reason architects, engineers and construction teams trust Nitterhouse for precast structures. We’re a single-source provider that promotes on-site efficiency for jobs large and small. Partner with our precast company to see the Nitterhouse difference for yourself.

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Whether you’re designing an amphitheater for the performing arts or an indoor multi-sport facility, we have the custom manufacturing capabilities you desire. We’ll work within the specifications of your designs to deliver a stronger, more durable and functional precast stadium system that offers a superior user experience. As a family-owned business with a proud reputation for service and integrity, we stand behind the quality of the stadium risers and seating systems we produce.

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  • Versatility in the size, shape and finishes that are available
  • Efficient in its design, manufacturing and erecting
  • Resilient  to stand the test of time through weather, fire and other events

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