Building personal residences like apartments requires specific solutions that you’ll get when you use precast concrete. The material provides a wide range of benefits, from durability to energy efficiency to longevity. The process of creating precast concrete also saves you time and money because it allows site preparation to take place while the precast concrete is concurrently produced off-site. You won’t have to wait until the site is ready as you would with most other building materials.

At Nitterhouse Concrete Products, we offer custom solutions for your precast concrete apartments. And as a single-source precast provider, we will assist you throughout the entire precast design process.

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Apartment buildings need a unique and appealing look to stand out and attract potential residents. Precast concrete is an exceptional choice to fully customize the appearance of your apartments because of its design versatility.

Precast concrete apartment components are made with molds, which can be manufactured into all kinds of shapes, curves, angles and sizes. As a result, precast concrete can be used for every part of an apartment complex, from support beams to floors and walls. It can be produced to match any existing infrastructure as well.

At Nitterhouse, we’ve developed a range of colors and finishes with different design blends and surface textures as well as veneer products like thin brick. By mixing and matching these design elements, you have an infinite number of choices to meet any style requirement.


The wide range of customization options affords you the opportunity to achieve whatever look you’re hoping for. To help you make the best choices and streamline the design process, we offer design assistance services. Our experienced staff will help you find the perfect sizes, shapes and textures for your concrete apartments.

With our in-depth knowledge of precast concrete, we can guide you in making the most economical design choices without sacrificing quality or aesthetics. We will also help you create a building layout that will maximize the use of your property while also meeting all your desired specifications.

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As a single-source provider, our goal is to assist you through each step of the precast building process. That’s why we offer on-site assistance during the precast erecting phase of your apartment building. We’ll be there to advise, coordinate and troubleshoot with architects, construction crews and other workers.

With our vast experience working on precast concrete construction projects, we can effectively identify ways to improve process efficiency on-site to save you more time and money on your project. And because we work so closely with you to create the design plans, we can help to ensure that your vision is being sufficiently met. In the event of any last-minute changes, we can quickly suggest the best alternatives to keep your project on track.


Apartment buildings are meant to provide residents with comfort and security. Because of its sturdiness, durability and versatility, precast concrete is one of the most reliable building materials you can choose. It offers many benefits that are both unique and essential for an apartment environment, including:

  • Structural integrity and efficiency: Precast concrete is specifically designed to support heavy loads, which is essential for apartment buildings that house many people as well as furniture and other personal items. As a load-bearing material, precast concrete can also reduce the need and size of other structural components for enhanced building efficiency. For example, a precast concrete floor apartment can span further and carry heavier loads than other floor systems.
  • Weather-resistant: If your apartment buildings are located in an area that is susceptible to extreme weather, precast concrete is an ideal choice. Precast concrete can withstand water, flood and wind damage, which means you can count on it to be reliable and resilient during storms.  Its resistance to water damage also decreases the risk of mold developing in the building.
  • Thermal efficiency: Effective temperature control in an apartment building is crucial to the comfort of residents as well as cost savings on utilities. Precast concrete is a thermally efficient material with cast-in insulation, so it retains heat on the interior during the winter months and keeps heat out during the summer months to reduce your peak heating and cooling loads.
  • Fire-resistant: With the number of people, appliances, electronics and other variables you find in apartment buildings, there are likely to be potential fire hazards. Because precast concrete is naturally fire-resistant, it will help prevent fires from spreading so major damage can be avoided.
  • Sound deadening: The more people your apartment building can house, the more noise there will be. And if your apartment building is located in a city or by a major roadway, external sounds can be a factor as well. The density of precast concrete makes it an excellent sound attenuation material that is more effective at reducing noise than other building materials. With a concrete wall apartment, you can create the quiet, private environment that potential residents are looking for.
  • Pest-resistant: Buildings made with organic materials like wood attract pests such as termites and mice who make the material their home or their dinner. Precast concrete is so dense that bugs and rodents can’t chew on it or burrow into it, making it a naturally pest-resistant material.


Nitterhouse Concrete Products is a family-owned and -operated business with more than 90 years of experience creating precast concrete building systems for commercial and residential projects. Our precast concrete structures provide the strength and reliability you need, and we offer a wide range of  products to help ensure your project is a success.

To find out more about using precast concrete for your apartment buildings, contact us online or give us a call today.

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