Building Features:

  • Hollow core flooring provides superior sound attenuation over other floor systems.
  • Greater Student safety attributed to precast hollowcore plank’s inherent fire rating.
  • Precast components allow for tight construction schedule
  • Precast concrete contributed to sustainable practices by using materials efficiently, reducing construction waste, site disturbances, noise, and reduced project costs.

Project Summary:

  • New facility for growing School for Charter Arts
  • 3 Floors
  • Total Precast structure
  • 83,000 SF of precast floor space

Quick Stats:

  • 69,562 SF Hollow Core plank
  • 997 LF Beams
  • 364.5 LF Columns
  • 1454  SF Solid Slabs
  • 61,278 SF Wall Panels
  • 11,825 SF Double Tees