Building Features:

▪ 8” thick, 12’ wide insulated load bearing panels

▪ 2” double foil faced insulation with R-15 rating

▪ 47 overhead doors on the truck side

▪ 7 overhead doors on the rail side

▪ Cast solid panel edges @ door and window openings for easy frame attachment

▪ Some panels contain “knock out” sections for future doors/windows

▪ All panels were cast with cost effective structural grey concrete with cast in reveals to allow edges for seamless paint color transitions 

Project Summary:

Warehouse & distribution center with both truck and rail docks

▪ Two separate office areas for multiple tenants

▪ Floor space of 376,745 square feet

Quick Stats:

▪ Approximately 92,000 sq. ft of precast concrete components

▪ Total piece count of 225 panels erected over 20 working day