Building Features:

  • Location of proposed parking garage would allow alternate means of transportation from the main entrance to the interior core of the campus.
  • Natural-grade differentials created an economical and aesthetic garage.
  • Design replicates the Spanish mission style architecture of other campus structures.
  • Walkway was incorporated connecting the southern corner of the structure to the existing pedestrian circulation system.

Project Summary:

  • Parking Structure for University
  • 7-1/2 levels
  • 1,532-space Student Parking Facility
  • 429,984 SF of Precast Concrete Components

Quick Stats:

  • 429,984 SF – Double Tees
  •  2,349 LF – Beams
  •  2,520 LF – Columns
  •  2,445 SF – Solid Slabs
  •  196 SF – Precast Panels
  •  39,034 SF – Prestressed Panels
  •  34,213 SF – Horizontal Litewalls
  •  9,505 SF – Shearwalls
  •  5,885 SF – Stair Panels
  •  4,854 SF – Miscellaneous Architectural
  •  28 Stair Units

From The Client

“Nitterhouse Concrete had to replicate the Spanish mission-style architecture to match the existing structures on this campus. In order to do so, a key innovation was developed for this project with the use of bolted-on precast concrete arches. The arches were produced in pieces that could be easily shipped to the site, then bolted and welded to the spandrels. As a result, a fully rounded arch spandrel was achieved at a fraction of the cost of having to produce and erect the arched spandrels as one composite unit. Precast concrete was the perfect choice to create the fluid rounded shape.”