Building Features:

  • The architectural panel façade utilized architectural thin brick to compliment the existing campus
  • It was essential to the project to have a precast concrete manufacturer who could also fabricate and erect the steel simultaneously with the surrounding precast
  • Very tight site conditions in congested downtown Newark area


Project Summary:

  • Parking Facility for New Jersey Institute of Technology
  • 7 levels
  • 938 Parking Spaces
  • 250,000 SF of elevated precast concrete

Quick Stats:

  • Beams 1.926 LF
  • Columns 821 LF
  • Solid Slabs 2,336 SF
  • Wall Panels 35,746 SF
  • Double Tees 252,324 SF
  • Litewalls 11,929 SF
  • Shearwalls 8,419 SF
  • Stair Panels 14,814 SF
  • Stairs 26 Units
  • Ornamental Precast 128 LF
  • Bollards 43 Units

From The Client

“Precast was an ideal solution for the project because it helped decrease the budget and schedule for overall construction. We utilized a thin brick façade within the precast system to maintain the desired architectural look and fit seamlessly with the surrounding structures.”

Jordan Rappin, Production Engineer

Timothy Haahs & Associates