Building Features:

▪ 78 on grade and 82 elevated vehicle parking spaces

▪ Tan concrete was used with different sandblast depths for accents

▪ Glen Gery thin brick with a three color blend were also used to match the existing buildings on the campus

▪ Grape vine mortar joints were also used in an effort to match the existing buildings and make the joints and brickwork look more hand laid

▪ A CNC Machine was used to create the formwork for the Rampant Lion logo and the school name at the entrance of the parking garage

Project Summary:

▪ Parking Structure for Private School Facility

▪ 1 bay & 1 level

▪ 15,796 square feet of precast concrete

Quick Stats:

  •  282 LF Columns
  • 76 SF Solid Slabs
  • 4,298 SF Spandrel Panels
  • 15,796 SF Double Tees
  • 553 SF Shearwalls
  • 834 SF Stair Panels
  • 3 Units Stairs