When you need to create outstanding results while keeping your project on schedule, precast concrete products help you maximize your project’s potential while making sure everything stays on its timeline. At Nitterhouse Concrete Products, we offer precast and prestressed concrete products that make construction as simple and easy as possible.

Precast concrete is made by pouring concrete in a mold that has prestressed wire and/or rebar, it is then cured offsite in a controlled area at a plant. Once finished, the precast concrete is transported to a construction site. This is far faster, safer and more affordable than standard concrete, which is poured directly at the construction site. We make precast concrete products available to you as part of a comprehensive selection of concrete and masonry products.

What Types of Projects Use Precast Concrete?

Any number of building types can benefit from the advantages of precast concrete products. Some of the most common construction projects that use precast concrete are:

  • Parking structures: From concept to occupancy, no parking structure project moves as quickly as when it incorporates precast concrete products. Precast concrete is useful in a single-level parking structure as well as larger and more elaborate mid-rise structures.
  • Office buildings: The unique characteristics of precast concrete products allows for unique building designs that are attractive and functional. Take advantage of precast concrete columns paired with architectural panels to create large and open spaces.
  • Multi-family housing: The fire-resistant and sound-attenuating characteristics of precast concrete products make them perfect for hotels, dormitories, apartment buildings and complexes, senior living communities and similar structures.
  • Schools: Precast concrete makes school construction a breeze. With faster turnaround times from start to finish, precast concrete will keep your project on target. Whether you’re adding on to a university campus or an elementary school, you’ll get students moved in quicker without all the headaches of traditional building.

Whether you’re working on a project like one of the above or something else entirely, explore Nitterhouse Concrete Products as a way to achieve the quality and durability you want and need, while also keeping the construction process safe, controlled and on time.

The Benefits of Precast Concrete

For projects residential and commercial, precast concrete means engineers enjoy greater latitude in planning and design. Precast concrete products also arrive on site completely customized and ready for fast installation. When you choose precast concrete products, you can accelerate your project’s schedule and enjoy the cost savings that emerge from using concrete products that are precast offsite.

Choose Nitterhouse for Precast Concrete Products

At Nitterhouse, we’ve been serving the Mid-Atlantic region with precast concrete and other building materials since 1923. We emphasize quality in everything we do, from the quality of our products to the quality of our customer service. When you need precast concrete products, trust the experience, knowledge and high-quality products you’ll find at Nitterhouse.

Contact us today about your precast or prestressed concrete needs for your next project.