Precast Concrete Beams

precast for strength

Over the past 90 years of service to the construction, architecture and building industry, we’ve been continually dedicated to creating the most expansive line of quality products. The Nitterhouse structural product family includes precast/prestressed concrete beams that provide an exceptionally strong and versatile material suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether your project is a large industrial complex or multi-level, indoor parking structure, you can count on our precast concrete plank beam spans for long-lasting service life and reliability.

Nitterhouse precast concrete beams are custom produced year-round in our centrally located Chambersburg, PA facility. Floor beams are available in rectangular, inverted “T”, and inverted “L” configurations to meet your diverse project requirements. Whether produced as prestressed or conventionally reinforced, Nitterhouse structural beams are available in various lengths and sizes perfectly suited for your design application.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Plank Spans:

Builders and engineers focused on modern efficiency benefit from a host of advantages by choosing to work with our innovative precast concrete beam spans. Utilizing precast concrete components in the building design often allows for reduced costs relating to materials and labor, accelerated construction schedules, inherent fire rating and extended service life. Additional primary benefits of Nitterhouse precast concrete beams:

  • ecoSmart material – The precast concrete we use to create beam planks reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions while producing a high-quality, exceptionally strong product.
  • Contributes to LEED performance – Nitterhouse precast concrete beams are manufactured using best-in-class building strategies and practices outlined in LEED criteria for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.
  • Inherent fire rating – Precast concrete is a safer building material that contributes to greater resistance and structural integrity in case of a fire emergency.
  • Flexible sizing and configuration – We have the broad capabilities to custom produce concrete plank spans to your required specifications.
  • Shorter construction duration – Fast delivery and easier installation help builders reduce labor expenses and complete projects with greater efficiency.
  • Year-round manufacturing and erection – Our concrete beams are produced 12 months a year and are ready for fast shipping and installation out of our central manufacturing facility.
  • Superior loading and span characteristics – We continue to develop the strongest, highest quality precast concrete products that make it easier to bring your creative plans to fruition.

Get Your Project Started With Nitterhouse Precast Concrete Beams

We’re a family-owned and operated concrete manufacturer offering world-class production capabilities and exceptional customer care. We offer fair pricing on high-quality precast concrete beams custom configured to your project requirements. Give us a call or submit an online request for additional product information and place your order today!