Precast Concrete Stairs

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Nitterhouse precast concrete stairs provide a faster, easier and more economical building material for engineers and construction companies. Our precast concrete stairs are the ideal choice for parking structures, as well as for use in combination with precision-manufactured precast and prestressed concrete plank NiCore on all types of buildings. Whether you have plans for an office building, schools, churches, municipal buildings, as well as any multi-housing facility, our top-quality precast concrete stairs support durable, fire-resistant construction.

As a leader in product innovation with advanced technological capabilities, we’re able to provide customizable precast concrete stairs that meet your specific project requirements.

Our precast stairs are available in three distinct monolithic designs:

  • Open Zee stairs
  • Half-Open Zee Stairs
  • Stringer Stairs

All stair units are specifically engineered for the individual project, and are available up to 5′ wide with risers ranging in size from 6-1/4″ to 7″. Treads are 11″, and include cast-in metal nosings.

Benefits of Precast Concrete Stairs:

There are many advantages of choosing precast concrete products for architectural and construction products of all kinds. Our precast concrete stairs are durable and long lasting to retain their functionality and enhance the long-term value of your property and structure. Precast stairs are lighter than other conventional building materials, are prestressed for crack control and offer quick and easy installation to keep your project moving at a faster pace.

Additional benefits of purchasing precast concrete stairs from Nitterhouse include:

  • ecoSmart material – Do your part for environmental sustainability by choosing a construction material that causes lower CO2 emissions and is exceptionally strong and easy to work with.
  • Inherent fire rating – Precast concrete stairs will endure extreme heat and fire damage for a safer, more secure living or work environment.
  • Superior sound and vibration control characteristics – Whether building a school, office complex or apartment units, inhabitants will appreciate less residual sound and lower vibrations with precast concrete stairs.
  • Low maintenance – We use a multi-layer process to produce precast concrete stairs that maintain appearance and functionality over time with minimal required upkeep.
  • Quality-controlled production – We manufacture our precast stairs in a state-of-the-art facility by experienced professional craftsmen. All of our processes, materials and finished products are stringently tested and scrutinized to meet the highest quality standards.
  • Long-term durability – Concrete precast stairs manufactured by Nitterhouse exhibit exceptional loading characteristics and are designed to provide long service life.
  • Year-round manufacturing and erection – Our Central PA production facilities and crews work all year long to ensure you have the precast products you require backed by attentive customer service.

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We offer a full range of customizable precast concrete stairs that set the bar for quality and reliability in the industry. Experience the advantage of partnering with a family-owned and operated business with the experience and broad capabilities to support your project needs. Give us a call or contact us online to get your project started today!