project details

Newark Bears Parking Garage | Newark, NJ

from the client

“The decision to construct a totally precast/prestressed concrete structure for the Essex County Sportsplex Parking Garage was an easy one to make very early during the design process.  The design of the exterior spandrel panels was a key factor in that decision, along with the precaster’s reputation for producing durable, quality products, speed of construction at the jobsite, and other modular constructability issues.  Once a designer uses precast in their designs…they’re going to love it.”

George M. Hibbs, AIA | Clarke Caton Hintz

Project summary:

  • PCI Co-Winner for Best Parking Structure
  • Parking Structure for Newark Bears Stadium & Essex County Offices
  • 5 levels
  • 140,000 SF of Precast Concrete Components

Quick Stats:

  • 98,856 SF – Double Tees
  • 432 LF – Beams
  • 828 LF – Columns
  • 19,355 SF – Spandrel Panels
  • 1,689 SF – Stair Panels with Landings
  • 3,427 SF – Shear Walls
  • 5,303 SF – Litewalls

Building Features:

  • Built to provide parking for commuters, tourists, & county employees during the day and double as safe, convenient parking for stadium events.
  • Red brick, beige brick, and glossy black tiles were hand-laid at the plant in spandrel panels.
  • Field-set brick in stair towers matched to spandrel brick.
  • Entire project completed within 1 month from start to finish.
  • Horizontal, thin, multiple bands of contrasting brick on the side-by-side elevation spandrel panels.
  • Top level of garage adorned with flags representing each Atlantic League team.
  • Large, brushed-aluminum back-lit sign displaying “405” mounted to the top façade of the garage, indicating distance from home plate.