project details

Target Distribution Center | Chambersburg, PA

from the client

“Nitterhouse erected approximately 21 panels a day for this massive new “L” shaped distribution center.  The precast was of high quality and their installers performed a great job with minimal punch list.  Completing the project exceeded our schedule and helped maintain a lead on our overall project.”

Kyle Jewell | Archer Western Contractors

Project summary:

  • Major distribution center for National retailer
  • 1.3 million sq. ft. of Precast Concrete Components

Quick Stats:

  • 245,789 SF – Load-Bearing Wall Panels
  • 468 LF – Columns
  • 20,903 LF – 6” Solid Interior Panels
  • 235,989 SF – 8”, 9” & 10” Insulated Exterior Panels
  • 880 SF – 6” Hollow Core Plank

Building Features:

  • Project required 793 load-bearing wall panels, averaging 37 ft.-6 in. high by 12 ft. wide and 9 in. thick.
  • Massive exterior panels, which varied between 8”, 9”, and 10” thick, weighed approximately 30 tons each.
  • Since each panel would undergo its greatest stresses during shipping and erection, a unique 12-point pick system was designed to lift panels from transport trucks and rotate each one into position for erection.
  • Approximately 21 panels were erected each day.